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The Country scorecard is an attempt by the Austrian Hannes Mungenast to provide statistics about a country at a glance. The first Country Scorecard appeared in March 2007. It can be ideally be used for presentations, homeworks and other publications. Due to the use of a special score-bar, which shows the relative values of the according statistic, an easy comparision can be made. Therefore the user can easily see how the particular country performs in comparison to others. This helps the user to interpret the data in a better way. The underlying data is chosen from reliable sources (mainly UN).

About the author

Hannes Mungenast was born in 1984 in the small Austrian town Landeck. There and in the even smaller Tösens he spent his childhood. He attended the Higher Commercial School in Landeck, where he obtained his A-Levels. Currently he is studying International Business at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, Austria. As a part of his study there he spent two semesters at the Chinese Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian.

The score-bar

The score-bar allows the user to compare statistics easily. It visualizes the relative value of a country. The underlying methology is to translate the country values in a point system. Usually an assumed normal distribution from the underlying data is constructed. Then the probability is translated into points. For some statstics such as literacy rate it is just the percentage points. The score-bar allows the user to compare statistics easier. This is a help, especially for students and person with few experience in comparing countries. The reader notices at the first sight, whether a country is doing well in a particular field or not. In most ways, the absolute numbers of a particular statistic are useless and need the be compared with others. This is be done by the score-bar.


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