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Methodology - Per Capita GDP at PPP

The average country has a per capita GDP of 9,537 US$ with a standard deviation of 14,972 US$. The lowest GDP is 93 US$ (Burundi), while the highest one is 101,654 US$ (Liechtenstein).


For countries above the mean the points for the score-bar are calculated as follows:

With the calculated mean and standard deviation an assumed normal distribution has been calculated. The probability of a value equals the points, i.e. a probability of 67% equals 67 points.


For countries below the mean the points for the score-bar are calculated as follows:

As a GDP/capita of 0 US$ reflects the absolute minimum this value should be 0 points. The average GDP should equal 50 points. This means that for every 191 US$ a point is given. This method has been chosen as otherwise a country with 0 US$ GDP would get about 26 points when applying the assumed normal distribution method. This would not reflect the poor performance of the country in that area.



United Nations:  last update 1 August 2006


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