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How are the points at the score-bar calculated?

This differs from statistics to statistics. In some cases it is the percentage times 100 (such as in drinking water coverage). In other cases a assumed normal distribution has been calculated. According to the probability of a particular value the points have been calculated. For more detail please refer to the methodology. These points are translated into the score-bar, while the green part represents the points, i.e. the more green it contains, the more points.

Can I use the images (on websites, for presentations etc.)?

Yes, if you comply with the rules stated in the Legal Notice.

How can I interpret the numbers?

The best thing is to go to the glossary-section, which describes all statistics. The score-bar gives you an additional help. The more green it contains, the better the country performs in that particular area.

What is the Country Scorecard?

Please refer to the press center.

What is the score-bar?

Please refer to the press center.

What are the sources of the data?

The sources are all reliable organizations, mainly the United Nations, and for the total GDP the World Bank.

Why are some statistics missing?

Statistics are missing when they are not included in the source. No reliable figure could be obtained in that way, so the figure is indicated with N/A (not available).

What does N/A mean?

This means that the particular statistics was not provided by the source. N/A means not available.

Further questions?

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact me.



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