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European Union

Because of the special status of the European Union, it is not counted as a country for the rank in the general data for other countries. I.e., when you open the page of the United States, they will be ranked number one concerning total GDP.

The EU consists of 27 member states. The above data does not include the oversea territories. The general part (population, area, total GDP) is the sum of the member states. The other figures are the population-weighted average of the member state values. As not all data are available for each member state, just the population-weighted average of the other countries is taken. This may lead to some distortions, as for example with drinking water and sanitation coverage and literacy rates, only data from "poorer" member states tends to be available.

Member States:

Austria Germany Netherlands
Belgium Greece Poland
Bulgaria Hungary Portugal
Cyprus Ireland Romania
Czech Republic Italy Slovakia
Denmark Latvia Slovenia
Estonia Lithuania Spain
Finland Luxembourg Sweden
France Malta United Kingdom


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