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Sources: United Nations Statistics Division and World Bank


Belgium is one of the founding members of the European Union and has a population of about 10.4 million inhabitants and an area of about 30,500 km˛ . This means that Belgium can be classified as middle-sized country. In terms of economic power, the country ranks number 28. This is largely because of the very high GDP per capita, which means that the standard of living in Belgium is very high. In terms of economic activity and unemployment rate, the Belgium economy is not that good.

With almost reaching 79 years, the life expectancy in Belgium is very high. Another positive aspect is the very low AIDS rate. On the other hand, Belgium emits a lot of greenhouse gases based on a per capita basis. As like for many other developed countries, there is no data available for the literacy rate. It can be assumed that that rate would be very high, when looking at the long school life expectancy. The tertiary education enrolment rate with just over 60% is not that good.

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